Welcome to the Jurassic Coast Bikers

Group Riding Safety Policy & Guidelines

Riding in a group of Jurassic Coast Bikers is one of the greatest joys of owning a motorcycle. Ride in safety requires adequate knowledge of the basic rules that ensure the safety of each of the members of the group. Riding in staggered rows is one of the ways for the group to ride in safety. In this way, the safe distance is doubled compared to riding in a convoy.

Another method consists of having the first member of the convoy wait for the last one before changing directions. In a convoy, riders are always responsible for the person behind them. The convoy’s safety bubble should increase in relation to its speed. Avoid riding too close to the edge of the road or next to white traffic lines.

While at cruising speed, you should not be able to read the license plate of the rider in front of you. And when the group stops, it should always stop where the entire group can stop in total safety without disrupting traffic. It is really important to ride at a pace that you feel confident with ride as you would by yourself safety first and consider the ride level and distance.

All our riders can take a turn at becoming the ride Navigator for the day. So if you know a good route why not lead the group one week ? Email any suggestions.


As a group we use the drop off system. Meaning the riders behind the Leader take it upon themselves to take the time to pull over safely or on the junction to mark the direction to the following bikers. Then await the Tail end charlie before joining the group.

If the Tail end Charlie does not appear after 15minutes has passed. move on to the next destination Point.

The last rider in the group, the rider whom volunteered to allow time for the markers to move away from the junction in front of them. It is a great idea if the Tail End Charlie can be identified by a bright colour vest. Orange