Welcome to the Jurassic Coast Bikers

Great riders check the weather

A Jurassic Coast Biker makes a few important checks before riding a motorbike.

Before riding check the weather forecast, check your bike over before you start the engine. Carry out all safety checks and make sure that you are dressed for the weather. Never wear shorts or short sleeves , unless you want to leave your arms and legs on the road. Know your limits and ride within them.

Just visiting or resident in the area we welcome you to our friendly club . If you are on holiday in Dorset , Devon and the South West , there's no better way of finding out about the Jurassic Coast . Become a Jurassic Coast Biker and you'll enjoy riding on some of the best motorcycle routes in Great Britain.

There is a variety of motorcycles in the group, whatever you ride if it has two wheels , then join the club and enjoy the rides. us